Dating an embossed makers mark with numbers

The mold would impart these designs to the body of the vessel. Shows wear and age. Medal in very good condition; all details are still crisp and the inscriptions are very clear.

Box shows little age but overall in great condition. Some quality repairs to center part of the cross - hard to notice. An attractive display piece. Therefore, with a Luger inserted and the cover flap closed using the added slit and original holster body brass stud, a slight tension was created in the cover flap resulting in a slight left-side accentuated offset bulge in the cover flap leather slit.

Maker marked to reverse: Well-preserved, private-purchase type in silvered bronze. Unembossed flasks with shapes similar to some of the later s primarily figured flasks are considered generically in the "Flask not considered figured " category.

The finish will always be applied and tooled. Original ribbon arranged on proper bar with red felt backing and securing horizontal pin. Superb example of this hard to find medal. Hannoverian troops won the battle but were forced into capitulation 2 days later.

This key actually served onboard a French bomber during WW2. Small part of the corner is missing but it is rather not detractive.

If the contents of the bottle were under pressure, as in champaigne, beer, or soda, then the cork could be cinched to the bottle with a piece of wire. A very tiny key, possible for a manpack or spy radio! An unusual story lies behind this humble medal.

In Ashwells was taken over with a management buyout, the company was restructured and, as Ashwell Biomass Ltd of Thurmaston, Leicester, they are now deeply into the production of biomass boilers.Numbers (digits) embossed on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. I frequently receive inquiries about what these number markings mean.

Unfortunately, there is no “one answer fits all” to this question!! The purpose of this guide is to provide a general introduction to some of the historic artifacts recovered from archaeological sites in the Upper Sangamon Basin of east-central Illinois.

The Pump Makers.

Reels & Spools

These are the ones we've found so far - listed in alphabetical order (there will be more). It's become apparent that some installers simply affixed their nameplate to a pump supplied by one of the larger manufacturers, and inevitably some of the names we've listed are therefore not necessarily the makers of the pump.

Rick's Rods, owner of Phillipson Rod Company, specializes in buying, selling, and repairing high quality, vintage bamboo and fiberglass fly fishing rods.

Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars

Early 19th Century French Infantry Hanger. The typical small side arm worn by French infantry in the early part of the 19th century. This example has a solid brass hilt with a curved steel blade. it has been well used and shows some wear. Digger answers your questions about antique and old cytopix.comnds of questions and answers about the common and rare bottle.

Digger Odell Publications .

Dating an embossed makers mark with numbers
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